JustSayIt Open Call



Open Call is organized by Fund B92, 16 Jevrejska Street, 11000 Belgrade, at samokazem.org and on JustSayIt Facebook page. Applicants can submit their applications for the Call from February 5, 2014 till March 24, 2014.


Serbian, Montenegrin, Macedonian citizens and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are eligible to apply for this Open Call.  Applicants must be between 16 and 26 years of age. Persons working with Fund B92 and/or its partner organizations and their family members shall not be eligible.

Students under the age of 18, or persons with limited or complete ban on pursuing a business activity, must provide their parents’/caretakers’ or legal representatives’ approval for participation in the Open Call in writing. Signed parents’ approval is to be scanned (or photographed) and e-mailed to konkurs.kaziti@gmail.com. Parents’ approval form in pdf is available for download at the following link (right click, than  choose "save")

Open Call Rules

Applicants should upload a video of themselves or some other person replying to one of 16 predefined questions. Video footages on other topics are eligible for competition as well. One video should contain the Applicant’s answer to one question only and it can last up to 60 seconds.

Both the Applicant and/or the person making the statement must be between 16 and 26. Persons younger than 18 years of age can make their statements only if their parents’ approval in writing has been provided.  

Video submitted by the applicant should contain answer to one of the following questions:

What would you do if you were given EUR 1,000? How do you see yourself in five years? What is the thing that gets on your nerves the most? What are the three things that you would put in the time capsule that is to be opened in 500 years? What should happen today to make you go to bed happy at night? What is the thing that frightens you the most? What was your worst nightmare when you were little? When was the last time you were happy? What was the destination of your last trip abroad? What is the thing you will never give a try? What do jerks behave like? Can you define boredom? How would you define idling away? What kind of message would you leave on a wall? What do you think is the greatest injustice of all?

Videos on other topics can be submitted as well.  

Applicants can submit their videos by filling in the form available on samokazem.org website, at http://samokazem.org/sr/kazi-ti.1.71.html. Only the videos submitted by midnight on March 24, 2014 shall be eligible for completion.

The name of each video is the sequence of the name of the person expressing their opinion in the video and the city/town from which the person comes from. The person submitting the video, or the Applicant, should provide their name, surname, address, phone number and date of birth.  The Organizer shall use submitted data only for shipping of prizes and Applicants’ personal information shall not be published online, or forwarded to any third person.

Organizer shall accept all footages made by camera or mobile phone that comply with the basic quality criteria: person speaking their mind should be clearly visible and everything they say should be clearly audible. Maximum video file size: 100 MB. Eligible formats: .MOV, .mov, .MPEG4, .mpeg4, .MP4, .mp4, .AVI, .avi, .WMV, .wmv, .MPEGPS, .mpegps, .FLV, .flv, .3GPP, .3gpp, .WebM, .webm. Video must be uploaded for the Open Call by midnight on March 17, 2014 at the latest.

After having uploaded their video on samokazem.org website and after it has been published, each Applicant shall be entitled to take care of their videos’ promotion; any form of paid promotion for Applicants video is, however, forbidden. In case that the Organizer should find out that a submitted video has been commercially promoted, it shall be entitled to disqualify the responsible Applicant. 

Videos is to be uploaded on the samokazem.org website (at: http://samokazem.org/sr/kazi-ti.1.71.html ).

Eligibility Criteria

The video footage provoking the most of the viewers’ reactions on the JustSayIt (KažiTi) Facebook page on the samokazem.org webpage shall win the competition.

The first prize shall be awarded to the person submitting the video that provoked the biggest number of viewers’ reactions, both the positive and the negative ones in total.

Viewers’ reactions shall be their „likes“, „dislikes“ and comments on KažiTi Facebook page (at: facebook.com/kaziti01) on samokazem.org webpage. kaziti.org address redirects the page’s visitors to samokazem.org.

Important Note: The “like“, “dislike“ and “Comment” options on participants’ Facebook profiles and on the Youtube shall not be counted as viewers’ reactions and shall not be taken into account for ranking of submitted videos in the Open Call.

A three members’ jury made up of persons working with Fund B92 shall monitor the regularity and compliance with the Open Call rules; they shall count the viewers’ reactions to each video submitted, announce the winner of the Open Call, or the video winning the biggest number of viewers’ reactions, and shall also be responsible for awarding of prizes.

Duration of the Open Call

JustSayIt (KažiTi) Call be opened on February 5, 2014. Deadline for uploading of Applicants’ videos is March 24, 2014 at midnight.

Audience can like, dislike and post comments on submitted videos by April 9, 2014 at midnight when the voting ends and the winner is announced.


  • Applicant who submitted the video that provoked the most viewers’ reactions shall win the first prize – a three days’ trip for two, for the Applicant and another person of their choice, in a city of the winner’s choice: Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje, Ada Bojana or Silver lake (Srebrno jezero); 
  • Applicant submitting 10 and more videos wins a headphones’ set, a wallet and a T-shirt (prizes shall be mailed to the Applicants); 
  • Applicant submitting 5 and more videos wins a headphones’ set and a wallet (prizes shall be mailed to the Applicants); 
  • Applicant submitting 3 and more videos wins a headphones’ set (the prize shall be mailed to the Applicant) 
  • All the participants submitting a minimum of one video that is published shall be awarded the touch screen pen (the prize shall be mailed to the Applicant).

No prize can be exchanged for money or monetary alternatives. The main prize is not transferable to any other person.

Applicants’ Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities

Each video submitted must be the original work of the person submitting the video, or the Applicant. Each Applicant shall be asked to confirm that that video submitted is their own original work, or that the Applicant himself/herself holds all the relevant and related rights and copyrights on the video submitted, covering the rights to all the works, artistic performances, audio/video recordings shown/filmed in the submitted video, as well as that there is no third persons’ rights infringement or violation of any relevant law in/by the work submitted.

A video submitted for participation in the Open Call and uploaded on the samokazem.org website must not be published online prior to its submission for this Open Call.  

An Applicant may submit their video providing that they have obtained permission to do so from the person shown/filmed in the video, or providing that their parents/caretakers or legal representatives have permitted them to do so, in case that the person filmed is under 18 year of age, and/or a person with a limitation or ban on pursuit of a commercial activity.

There is no limitation regarding the number of videos submitted by a single Applicant. One video needs to be made to provide answer to one question only.

By accepting these conditions, the Applicant agrees to the Organizer’s right to publish their original work on its web site and on its Facebook page, free of any charge or royalties for the use of the original work or exploitation of their artistic copyrights; additionally, the Organizer shall be entitled to use the submitted original video in any promotional material related to this Open Call. In addition to the afore listed, the Applicant shall be obliged not to cede any title or copyrights to the original work to any third party during the Open Call.

All the participants in the Open Call who win prizes and gifts shall not be liable to any taxes, dues or fees that are directly related to the gifts and/or prizes that they won.

Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of the Organizer

The Organizer shall announce the winning video one day after the Open Call is closed on the website samokazem.org and of the Facebook page at facebook.com/kaziti01. The Author of the winning video shall be contacted later on by the Organizer to agree further details about the selection of trip destination and organization of their trip.

The Organizer shall forward the title of the winning video to the media, and in case that the winner themselves or the Applicant should agree, in addition to the title of the video, the winner’s full name and place of residence shall be published as well. The Organizer may take care of the organization of any media interviews by prior obtaining a relevant permission by the winner, for the purpose of media promotion of this Open Call.  

The Organizer reserves the right not to publish any video that is uploaded after the specified Open Call deadline and/or any video that is in technical aspect of substandard quality.

The Organizer is entitled to refuse to broadcast or publish any video that supports or instigates violence, and/or any video that incites discrimination against a person or a group of persons based on their race, religion, national origin, sex, ethnicity or affiliation or non-affiliation to any other group.  

The Organizer is entitled to refuse to broadcast any video containing statements and/or visual representation or a video inducing associations that under the circumstances of a concrete case can be considered to be inappropriate, containing hate speech, swearing or insults, and/or is in any other aspect not in compliance with the law.

The Organizer shall not be held responsible in cases where the Applicants should leave inaccurate or incomplete personal information due to which it would be impossible to contact the Applicant and/or present the prize to them.

The Organizer shall not be held responsible in case that the winner of the Open Call should be unable to enjoy the trip they won due to the fact that they do not hold a valid passport or cannot be granted a visa, and/or cannot enjoy their prize due such or similar problems. The Organizer shall not be held responsible in cases where Applicants have shared inaccurate or incomplete personal information, due to which the Organizer cannot contact them to award them their prize. In any such case, the prize shall be awarded to the person ranked next to the winner, or to the person ranked third, and so on.  

Right to Modify General Rules of the Open Call

Due to some unforeseeable circumstance beyond reasonable control or influence of the Organizer, this Open Call and/or awarding of prizes can be postponed. In any such case, the Organizer shall immediately publish a relevant notice on the samokazem.org website.

Participation Criteria and Terms of Use

Information and participation guidelines are incorporated in the Terms of Use of this website. By submitting their videos, the Applicants accept that their videos shall be published online. By accepting the Terms of Use, Applicants accept all the rules and guarantee that they are eligible and complying with all the participation criteria for this Open Call.

By accepting the terms of use, Applicants guarantee that they are eligible and complying with all the criteria for participation in this Open Call.